New Moon Women's Circle

May your heart be full, may your chakras be balanced and may you always know how loved you are.

Saturday May 4th 1-4pm

About Our Circle

Come and join myself, Susy Parker and Shamanic Reiki healer, Emma Wakefield as we take you on a journey into your essence, so you can learn to flow with ease and grace. The New Moon is all about creating a life that we desire. It’s about letting go of negative attachments and allowing creativity, abundance and setting our intentions. It’s about planting seeds and watching them grow with love and trust. 

When we use the new moon to manifest, it can help our dreams become reality. It can supersize our wishes and allow us to step into the essence of who we are called here to be in this life. Join us and a loving circle of sisters as we journey into a sound healing and guided meditation, which will start with a loving cup of ceremonial cocoa. In this circle, we will be working on our ‘creativity’ chakra and ensuring that this is free-flowing and released of any blockages.

Collectively we will be planting seeds of joy, discovering what sets our souls on fire, and how we can step into our divine light. We will begin the journey of stepping into our souls calling. We will each be making a finger labyrinth to help us move forward into making the right decisions and tuning into our inner power – our intuition! 

Every beautiful woman will receive a gift bag with a powerful new moon essential oil blend and crystal. We will also have some delicious raw treats for you.

Please bring a journal with you. See you at the circle sisters!

Emma & Susy xo

Women's reviews

"The sister circle I attended with Susy and Emma was more than a circle. It was a calling to become part of a soul tribe who hold the space for your fears, tears, hopes and dreams. I attended the circle to shed my skin and heal from a break up and it was exactly where I needed to be to both grief and give thanks. There was a code of understanding amongst us all as if it had been understood from lifetimes before. Both Susy and Emma are super sized hearts with an innate gift to spark the light within you. I am most grateful." Thanks lovely souls. X
Jen Fogarty
Being part of this womens circle was so healing for me . It healed a very deep longing for connection and acceptance . It was a nurturing and safe space to release my feelings , and to honour each of our journeys while surrendering to a much brighter future . I had breakthroughs in long held “ stuck “ feelings and I am so grateful to have found this amazing space . Thankyou Susy and Emma .​
Such a brilliant circle ladies, you are both such a light. I loved the meditations and the drummin was amazing! Thank you both for being you!
Di Fischer

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