Saving Sarah; learning to live, love & laugh with adhd

I’m sharing our families journey, so you don’t have to feel alone. I want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and this journey is in your life for a reason ~ Susy xo

Saving Sarah; learning to live, love & laugh with ADHD

testimonials from mama's

This is a must read! I encourage every teacher, OT, therapist, parent...really anyone to read this book. Susy Parker speaks very honestly about the behind the scene struggles that come with ADHD. She is a loving Momma that is on a journey to do whatever it takes to help her daughter. She is an inspiration to my personal journey with helping my own daughter.
Kim Iott
This is a must read for any parent or caregiver dealing with a challenging child. I love Susy's raw and true account. I found some of my own story in hers and was really uplifted by her honestly and ultimate positive message. We are so lucky to be raising the children we were gifted with and we will all be better because of it. Susy's podcast is great, too!!
Elizabeth G
I believe things happen in life for a reason. I was given a son with Autism for a reason and I am blessed. Somehow I was introduced to Susy Parker, not through her book, but through her IG, and I am thankful everyday. After learning about her book, I read and took in every word she wrote. Have you ever read something and thought... did I write this? This book was like reading my personal journal. Her stories of Sarah are so real and truthful. I can feel the anxiety, frustration and emotion as Susy describes situations, as I have experienced them too. As a fellow "Sister" to Susy, I believe sharing your experiences is a gift, and her story is beautiful, heartfelt and one that really touched my soul. If you have a child who suffers from any kind of disability, you NEED to read this book... it will hit home. And if you don't have kids and want a better look into the life of a mom and her daughter who has ADHD, you NEED to read this book! Thank you Susy for sharing your truth! xo
Alli B
Autism Mama
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