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Everything will be OK!

I once saw ‘Everything will be OK’ written on an air freshener at a service station, and I knew I …

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Mornings with ADHD!

Today wasn’t the easiest of mornings; I knew it wouldn’t be, the children have just had five days off school, …

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The Naplan Nightmare!

NAPLAN testing in the schools is happening in two weeks, and although for some kids it can bring a bit …

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ADHD and Lovebombing

It was Mothers day; the sun was shining, the kids seemed happy so we decided that after breakfast, the whole …

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you are safe, you are loved,
you are supported

The sisterhood helps keep me grounded on the days I'm overwhelmed, connected when I'm feeling lost & positive on the days I feel the negativity creeping. I will forever be grateful for you Susy!

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